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    Little series: The Night Before and The Morning After

    I painted these two little paintings, on wood panel. They’re very intimate, and they speak of that time when I’m in the safety of my home, tucked away, safely in bed. I struggle with sleep, often only getting a few … Continue reading

    My love affair with Vermont: I’m having a solo exhibition!

    February is an exciting time for me: you see, I’ve been given a solo exhibition at the Helen Day Art Center, in Stowe, Vermont.  My family had a home not far from Stowe, for nearly fifty years, which they sold … Continue reading

    Sprinkle: a series of small paintings!

    I’ve returned from China now, after a wonderful experience of adventure in time… So many thoughts and memories fill my head, as I settle back into my studio, in Montreal. I’m glad to be back, despite missing the exotic scenery … Continue reading

    Later Today: work on wood panel

    Posted on by Claire

    I’m a practiced procrastinator, but not a terrible one. I will put off to later on, what I don’t wish to do right at this moment. Life generously offers me a tantalizing selection of distractions to ensure that I don’t … Continue reading