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  • Shared studio space: new for 2015!

    I am not afraid of change– or rather, I should say, I have learned to anticipate and accept change, with only a moderate level of apprehension.

    2015: I now share my art studio in Montreal, with 3 other women artists!

    2015: I now share my art studio in Montreal, with 3 other women artists!

    I have been quite spoiled, in recent years, as I have luxuriated in my glorious, light-filled, 600 square foot studio space, all by myself, in the company of my two furry canine friends, Lily and Rosie, for the past couple of years. If there were paint brushes left soaking overnight, they were mine. If there were dishes left in the sick, they were also mine. It’s been a lovely time, but like everything, this marvellous experience has run its course, and I am ready to do things a bit differently.


    Since the beginning of 2015, I have been sharing my studio space with three other women artists, all painters. The reason for the change, is that I am in the process of setting up my very own studio space, in the country, and having two full-time studios, all to myself, seems a bit extravagant, not to mention unnecessary.


    And so, the adventure begins: I moved furniture out of the way, before I left on vacation, to make room for my new studio-mates. I managed to clean it up enough, so that they would have enough room to spread out, and let their creativity flow. My new studio mates spent time in here, while I’ve been on vacation, and seeing their creativity upon my return, was a thrill!

    About Claire

    Claire is an abstract painter who teaches painting workshops in both Canada and in the US. She has received grants to attend artist residencies in Vermont (2011 and 2013), and in southeastern China (2013) and has been interviewed by various art magazines, most notably Magazin’ Art (Spring 2015) and Parcours (2014), the French language arts magazine. She was also interviewed for Art Inc. (a book by author Lisa Congdon. She has gallery representation in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Oakville, and in the US, in Charlotte. She appears regularly on a number of blogs, including Design for Mankind, Moco Loco, Design Milk and Saatchi Art’s online magazine. U.S. retail chain, Urban Outfitters, sells her original artwork under their Anthropologie banner. They reproduce her artwork on merchandise, and sell it under the Claire Desjardins signature label. Claire’s work has also appears in various feature films and television shows.
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